Friday, 25 April 2008

All Ready to GO!!!

Hi guys

We are all ready to go!

I met Sabine at the airport today and we headed straight down to Struga. She is an extremely energetic and fun woman and I know we are going to have a ball :) I can't wait to get back into it!

But I have to say I wasn't impressed while hopping off the bus in Struga, straight away it started to rain!!! Bastards!!! And looking over the lake these huge dark storm clouds were brewing. Let's just hope the Gods are smiling on us tomorrow and it clears up.

I have to say a big "welcome" to everyone who is just starting to follow our walk, and also a big "thank you" to all of guys who are still following from last year.

And, unfortunately my boots didn't raise the $100000 I was after to finance my doco...actually they didn't raise anything :) but the auction was still a success. I had many people contact to offer support so "thank you" to all you guys as well...

All the best and hopefully see you here again :)


Steph said...


Let the journey begin! Again. I'm chuckling with love and delight for the joy and the anguish both.

Travel well you two.

Love Steph

Nicu Panaitescu said...

It's been a looong winter! :)

Let there be sun and good hearted people along the way! I'll be here reading!