Saturday, 6 September 2008

Pilgrimage from Az Zarqa to Amman 29/08/08

Steph's plane was due at 05:30 and only being 20kms from Amman I'm sure I can meet up with her before lunch. The dreaded sound of the alarm wakes me at six, dragging myself down to check out a guy I haven't met before is in reception...Jihad :)

Yes, Jihad. Rather unfortunate name to have in this day and age, especially being well traveled, which is probably why he follows up with...

"But my Western friends call me Jo" :)

Jihad won't let me go without joining him for a coffee but this early in the morning I don't need much convincing.

Hitting the highway I'm amazed it's already hot, thank God I left the hour I did. Without a map It's impossible to judge how far I've come but with regular coffee breaks I'm sure I'm making good time. Out of the blue I stumble upon a big old Roman theater. This is the one thing we really miss out on coming from Australia, there's nowhere you can walk where you may stumble upon any ancient architecture but in these parts it's common place...

The tranquility of the adjacent park is too much to resist, out comes the Apple and I set myself up for some writing with a tea. A local tourist guide joins me for a chat...

"How far to the city center?"

"This is the city center"


"Yes, wait...I'll get you a map"

True to his word he returns bearing a map of Amman and I'm incredibly pleased to see I've already made the city. Heading straight to an internet cafe I call Steph, finding out she's on the other side of town in an apartment she sourced on Couchsurfing! :) Go Steph!!!

Jumping in a taxi it isn't long before I locate our meeting place. The last time I saw Steph was when she left me in Damascus last winter so it's great to catch up...and especially here, less than 100kms from my destination! Cheers mum :)

The apartment is shared with two American guys, Taylor and David who are great value. Both are relaxed and easy going and couldn't make us feel more welcome. With a shower and free wireless I'm in no hurry to go anywhere, the evenings spent relaxing, talking and writing which is perfect...

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