Friday, 28 September 2007

Pilgrimage from Settecamini to Tivoli 23/09/07

I had a great night sleep last night but my joy was short lived as there was no hot water for morning showers! We weren’t impressed!

My body is handling getting back into walking a lot better than I was expecting. I have spent the last few weeks peeling huge layers of skin off my heels so I was anticipating blisters on top of blisters. But my new shoes are doing a wonderful job! I have gone back to wearing Gortex runners in lieu of hiking boots and the difference is amazing.

The walk was pretty boring, just following the main road due East, so it made for an uneventful day.

The last 4kms were straight up which was good to get the blood pumping. Steph’s blood started to pump a bit too much, nothing to do with the two layers of wool she insists on wearing!!!, and with 1km to go she decided to try her luck hitching.

It may have had something to do with me sitting 10m down the road laughing but she didn’t have any luck, and after cooling down decided walking the last kilometer was less damaging for the ego than continually being rejected :)

Arriving in Tivoli we found a great little B&B in the middle of town for €25 each. And what a beautiful town!!!

After a wonderful dinner and some live music next to the castle it was off for an early night.

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