Friday, 21 September 2007

Rome 21/09/07

Here I am back in Rome!!! The madness is about to begin again :)

I have had a great holiday and achieved most of what I set out to do. I found a fellow pilgrim to accompany me out of Rome, my mother, and a production company interested in my documentary.

I would like to say that I am well rested but unfortunately it is not the case. My “time out” in Morocco turned out to be a little stressful, but overall it was extremely enjoyable.

Now I am looking forward to getting back on the road!

My last day in the real World has been great.

Steph and I headed over to the Vatican after breakfast to catch up with the man who is in charge of looking after pilgrims, Don Bruno Vercessi. It was a real treat. He guided us into the depths of the Vatican to give us a blessing and say a prayer. I was touched when he then took us down to the Vatican bookstore purchased me a copy of the Bible out of his own money. Thanks Don Bruno :)

It is funny…I was planning on trying to read the bible on the way to Rome, but didn’t find one on that journey. Now one has found it’s way to me and I am looking forward to exploring it. After, I also hope to find a Koran to read before arriving in Jerusalem.

After Don Bruno it was time to visit the Sistine Chapel. We endured 500m of queuing, endless corridors of the Vatican Museum filled with art and sculptures, which was great for the first 10 minutes, before finally arriving. I think if I had walked straight from the street into the Chapel I would have been blown away, but by the time I got there all I wanted to do was go and eat…

So we did :)

It appears that while navigating Rome as a tourist, you spend about an hour queuing for every 15 minutes enjoying what it is you want to see. The Coloseum was no exception, well worth the wait but it makes for an extremely tiring day!

After a delicious pizza, it was time to get our last sleep as normal people for many months…

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