Friday, 28 September 2007

Pilgrimage from St Cosimato to Camerata Nuova 25/09/07

Steph woke me up at around 6am this morning and we were both looking forward to getting an early start. It was great to watch our first sunrise as we walked down the valley.

We made good time and decided to stop for lunch at a town called Arsoli…yes, Arsoli :) I was pretty keen to find out if they made their own pasta shapes…I was thinking an “arsoli marinara” for lunch would be great! ;)

Steph’s feet were looking a bit worse for wear so she decided to catch the train a couple of days ahead and take some rest.

It was a different feeling once again being by myself. The best part is that there is no-one to ask when a decision needs to be made. But then when I was lost two hours later there was nobody to blame but myself ;) Arsoli lived up to it’s name by once again appearing in front of me. I had just done a big circle!

I was planning to get off the main road and head into the mountains and when I finally got going in the right direction it was beautiful.

At 18:30 I past through Camerata Nuova which was to be the last town for 25kms. Luckily there were heaps of people out and about because there were no signs to point me in the right direction.

As I was leaving town this little black kitten started to follow me. Sometimes I am a bit superstitious but I quite like black cats so I find it hard to think of them as bad luck. It was almost like the kitten was waiting for me to make up my mind because it kept to the left side of me and didn’t cross my path until I decided that there would be no bad luck if it did…

And then another 100m down the road, a car pulls up with one of the guys I had asked for directions, telling me that I was more than welcome to spend the night at his house in town. It was an offer too good to refuse :)

Emillio was his name after getting back to his house he made a wonderful dinner which we enjoyed with some of his dad’s homemade wine. What a treat!

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