Friday, 28 September 2007

Pilgrimage from Tivoli to St Cosimato 24/07/09

We had a lot of things we wanted to get out of the way before leaving today so it was always going to be a late start.

After numerous phone calls, an hour on the net, and lots of shopping it was finally time to leave around noon. There was a sign out the front of the B&B pointing us in the right direction, so the map of Tivoli got left behind. A big mistake that was! It took us two hours before we finally reached the edge of town.

I went and spent a fortune on sound equipment for my cameras but Sony being Sony none of the microphone shoes fit!!! I was told the art of film making is the art of improvisation so I let loose with some electrical tape :)

It’s much more pleasant walking in the mountains. Since we left late we were not planning on going too far and were even thinking of having our first night camping.

After stopping for dinner around 6pm, Steph came to the conclusion that she couldn’t walk any further. There weren’t any hotels in town and after a brief discussion with the restaurant owners we received our first random act of kindness. They said we could camp on the verandah! This was quite amusing for us as we were in view of the open restaurant but it beat looking for a place in the dark.

I decided to have a couple of glasses of wine before bed but when I ordered 250mls I got a bottle instead!

Steph went and had an early night and just as I was about to abandon half my bottle of wine these three young Italian girls came and gave me a good excuse to stay.

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