Friday, 2 November 2007

Pilgrimage from Herceg Novi to Tivat 31/10/07

Waking up to a MASSIVE boom of thunder around 6am, I knew I wasn’t getting an early start. Sure enough it started pissing down with rain shortly after. Having internet was a godsend; it kept us entertained until 10am when the rain finally eased off.

Venturing out, we only made it about 500m down the road before deciding we needed a cappuccino to get us going. A very well timed stop as it started bucketing down again. By the time we got moving it was already lunchtime.

And then it appeared out of the mist, my first Montenegrin spitted animal! I got a bit of a scare when the waiter said the one I could see outside was pre-booked, but thank God there was another one in the kitchen! After three weeks of seeing these things every couple of days I finally got to enjoy one…

It was worth every seconds wait!!! :)

Over lunch we ended up having a rather animated discussion regarding the adult sex industry. Steph had forgotten to switch off the video camera so I think it was all caught on film. Definitely the sound anyway, that will make for interesting listening when the tape ends.

As we once again got going, the rain came with us. We had the choice of a 100m ferry ride across the channel, or a 30km walk around the inlet. Of course the 100m ferry ride won out ;)

But with the rain, it was still a pretty miserable 5kms to the ferry port…

Arriving at the other side around 16:30 and not having much daylight left, we headed straight for a room. There had been a blackout on the other side of the channel all day, but luckily this side wasn’t affected. We really needed hot showers!

Steph didn’t want to start scoring the backgammon again until she won three games in a row. I was sure it wouldn’t happen before Istanbul but then “shock horror”…She did it!

So after a couple more games before bed I am pleased to give the current score at

Ben 2-1 Steph


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