Saturday, 10 November 2007

Tirana 09/11/07

I wasn’t feeling great when I woke up, there was way too much beer drunk last night. And we also have a slight hiccup in our plans. A Canadian girl had informed me that Australians need visas for Macedonia, and that it takes five days to process! This wasn’t good news and when I checked online it was looking correct.

I tried ringing the embassy but they didn’t speak English, so there was nothing left to do other than track them down in person…

The address from the internet turned out to be old, but luckily the new occupants knew where they were. Charis was kind enough to escort me and it turned out that the Gods were smiling on us. The visa section was closed for the day and they asked me to come back on Monday, but when I explained that I wanted to leave tomorrow the opened the doors and did it straight away! It was just meant to be :)

By the time everything was sorted it was 3pm, so it would be another night in Tirane.

I headed into town, met a group of Albanians who all spoke perfect English and once again drank the night away :)

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