Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Beirut 13/08/08

For some reason I wake incredibly early and with nothing else to do jump on the net. Turning on the TV I find the Olympics and happily wait for Ladile to wake...

She doesn't :) So around 10am I go give her a prod...

"Do you want to go for breakfast?"

"Urrrgh, no way! I'm going back to sleep. And my friend will pick me up after she finishes school in half an hour..."

She instantly crashes back out and sleeps till her friend arrives. Saying "Thanks and goodbye" she leaves me to it and I continue to play on the computer while watching the games.

Feeling extremely hungry I head into town to locate some spaghetti. The meals wonderful and a very content pilgrim heads back to his apartment. I open the computer and before I know it I'm out cold.

Waking to the phone ringing I see it's Max, the German guy I met in Latakya...

"Hey there, do you want to go for a beer tonight?"

"What's the time?"


Wow! I must have been tired, the day has disappeared. Arranging to meet Max at 20:30 I go for a shower and try to make myself feel human.

Beirut is an incredible city!!! Once again all the bars are packed and there is a fun energy in the air. Max's friends are good value, one of the guys plays in a Death Metal band and it isn't long before he drags me to the next bar to meet the rest of the crew. The singer is Armenian and reminds me so much of Christos from Greece.

Talking about the fate of Lebanon the conversation turns to a the possibility of a united Arabistan...

"Aaaaah, couldn't think of anything worse!!!"

Laughing "Why is that?"

"Armenians have a hard enough time here when we are 4% of the population. If all the Arab countries unite we wouldn't be any percent at all!"

Different sides to every story isn't there... ;)

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