Friday, 29 August 2008

Damascus 19/08/08

Waking surprisingly early I'm straight on the computer. Adel has already left for work and I can hear Fay's alarm going off every ten minutes, maybe she needs some help... ;)

"Good morning. Do you want me to make you a coffee?"

"Aaaarggghhh. Yes please!"

Fay goes to work and heading down to a local cafe with wireless the morning is spent catching up on emails and watching the Olympics. Arriving home around noon I crash out again and don't reemerge into the world until 3pm.

I'd promised Rami I'd come and visit today so dragging myself off the couch I jump in a taxi and head to Philistine, one of the Palestinian camps on the outskirts of the city. Funnily enough, before reaching Damascus whenever I heard someone talking about "Palestinian camps" I imagined tents in the middle of the desert. I was very surprised to find the "camps" are actually thriving little towns :)

Rami owns a hairdressing salon and it isn't long before he has me bundled up for a haircut and a shave. Cheers mate :) Inviting me to his house for lunch we have a great feed of stuffed capsicums, soup, grapes and funny wonton things which are awesome. Lying on the couch smoking nagile, drinking tea and watching Argentina demolish Brazil in the soccer, it's a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Heading back the apartment Wasseem and Farah ring to take me to dinner. These two are awesome, two of my best friends from living here and picking me up we head down to the English pub in the Sherraton. Nice choice guys, cheers :)

After another great feed I have one more stop to make before calling it a night. A few more friends are meeting in the old city for a beer so after making my way down there and catching up on all the goss it's I'm ready for bed...

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