Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Istanbul 03/06/08

It's great to sleep in knowing that I have absolutely nothing to do today. I get up, have a coffee and sit round reminiscing with Sabine about our adventures.

All the good food last night must have been a bit much for her, she is feeling quite ill today. After a month of living on bread and cheese all the rich seafood didn't go down too well :) She heads back to bed and leaves me to spend the morning trying to woo Miss Turkey with my charms...

Unfortunately Laila seems more interested in practicing her high speed costume changes and manages four outfits before breakfast :) So after attempting to sweep her off her feet, her friend then shows up in his flash new car and is rather more successful in sweeping her away...but oh well, all good fun :)

I'm then left lying on the couch to catch up on everything I have do do on the internet. A great way to spend the day, and to make it even better Monica's houskeeper soon turns up...

She is awesome and in typical Turkish fashion thinks that I must be starving to death because I'm so skinny and spends the day trying to remedy it by plying me with food. I'm in heaven! I love Istanbul!!!

Feeling a bit housebound by 5pm I go for a quick stroll around the harbor, sit around eating baclava and drinking tea, then head home for dinner.

Going to bed I realize this is the most relaxed I have felt in weeks :)

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