Saturday, 7 June 2008

Istanbul 04/06/08

I can hear the girls up and about, and not knowing the time, have a shower and make an appearance upstairs. Glancing at the clock, I'm surprised to see it's only 07:30! I'm feeling great, a day off doing nothing has done me wonders...I think I will have to do it again today ;)

I spend the morning on the computer before picking up a book that my friend sent over from Japan, thanks Connie :)

Leigh Norrie spent six moths riding 6000 miles around Japan and has just published his book, "Japan: 6000 miles on a bicycle". Now, I don't know how he managed to think up such an abstract title ;), but as I start to read I wonder to myself...

"This is your day off from your pilgrimage Ben, do you really want to spend the day reliving someone else's..."

The answer I gave myself was a big "No" but for some reason I kept reading...and reading...and reading... :) Finding myself chuckling away as I relate to his tales on a very personal level.

Laila has a fashion show tonight and had to leave early for rehearsals but as I'm lying on the hammock engrossed in Leigh's adventures I get to watch Monica and Sabine do themselves up for the big event.

They head out and by 22:00 I've reached the end of the book, amazed that the whole six month journey could be compressed into a days reading...

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