Thursday, 23 August 2007

Buy My Boots!!!

Yes, that's right. You now have the chance to buy the boots that took me the whole way from Canterbury to Rome.
Click Here
to go to the auction.

As you all know I am trying to make a documentary of the next stage of my trip, so the funds raised will go towards this.

It has been a while since my last post and I have been enjoying the rest. My feet are starting to look normal again, and my legs have finally stopped hurting :)

The other BIG news is that my mother has heard my call and will come and join me from Rome. Her goal is to make it to Istambul! WOW! It says a lot for the genes in our family i know ;)

We will set off on the 21st or 22nd of September so stay tuned...


Krystle said...

hi uncle ben,
i'm missing you - when are you coming back? i hear nanny's going with you in a couple of weeks.

love krystle

Dylan said...

hi uncle ben, love you.

Ben :) said...


hi guys :)

thanks for keeping in touch.

im hoping to be back in australia around march or april next year.

i cant wait to see you as well!

llve u

ben :)

Jenni said...

way to go steph!!

i have to say, i've been very tempted to join as well but summer in golden bay has been calling me too... i'll just have to settle for experiencing it the virtual way!

looking forward to the next tales :)