Saturday, 11 August 2007

Thank You All :)

So now it’s time to hang my boots up and take a short holiday from being a pilgrim…

I have found over the last few weeks that I have become very self-absorbed because of spending so much time in my own company. I think my social skills have taken a bit of a beating and when I read back through some of the emails I wrote recently, I feel that they also show this.

So now I will try to readjust back in to the “real world” :)

I would like to thank everyone who has been following my journey. You guys are all great! I cannot express how much it has meant a to me to know that I have not been walking alone.

For those of you who would like to continue following my journey through to Jerusalem, I will place regular updates on this blog to keep you all informed.

I also put together a website…

Please feel free to contact me anytime :)

My plan right now is to be walking again by the start of September. Between now and then I am going to try to drum up support for a documentary, as well as try to find some other people crazy enough to join me on this next stage ;)

So if you have itchy feet…


Nicu Panaitescu said...

Hi Ben!

Thanks for sharing your amazing journey with us. Reading your posts has been like walking next to you a little bit every day.

I'll keep an eye on you for future adventures ! :))

Bless you, man!

Rebecca said...


!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! wow what a journey!! Good luck with the next stage of your plans, look forward to following your steps when you start again. . . .