Friday, 10 August 2007

Pilgrimage from Palo to Rome 09/08/07

YES!!! As you can see by the title I made it to Rome!!! :)

I was happy to sleep in this morning because I thought it would only be a short walk today. When I woke up at 08:30 Mario came out to say goodbye and gave me a wonderful packed lunch of tuna, tomatoes and bread. What a champion!

I had a spring in my step, as I knew this part of the journey was almost over. The walk felt great, but it was still all along the highway.

Whenever I asked about the distance to the Vatican I was continuously given different answers, with a range of around 15kms. I was once again wishing I had a map :(

Also, the highway seems to bypass all the towns now, so the only places to stop are the service stations. I did find a caravan park though and decided to stop for lunch.

It was wonderful. They put on a great buffet and I once again ate too much. If they had the internet I would have stayed as they said they were only 15kms away from the Vatican.

I thought there would be quite a few places to stay on the outskirts of Rome but I was mistaken. The next place I found was he Holiday Inn, and when I went to talk to them about the distance to the Vatican I was informed it was only 4kms away! The guys at the counter where great and recommended this wonderful little B&B about 200m from S. Pietro Basilica for only €50. As they wanted €100 for the night, I got them to book me the B&B :)

It was an amazing feeling walking in to Rome. It felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The last 4kms flew by and it wasn’t long before I caught my first glimpse of the Vatican. What a feeling!!! :)

As I still had my packed lunch from Mario I figured I might as well leave the final push for tomorrow and have my last pilgrims meal tonight with a nice bottle of wine.

The B&B was awesome! I highly recommend it. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much after seeing what €50 would get me along the coast, but I was pleasantly surprised. The room was brand new, there was a kitchen to cook in and you could help yourself to the “breakfast” whenever you wanted. It’s called Carolina B&B – Ph. 0039 347 180 6657 and from the front door you can see S. Pietro Basilica! Amazing :)

So after a hot shower, catching up on all my blog entries, eating Mario’s packed lunch and drinking quite a few glasses of wine, it was off to bed to dream about my final day tomorrow on the Via Francigena.


Stefano said...

Yeah mate! you're a big! I'm so happy for you!

A hug,


Steph said...

yay ben, yes, you are a big. i can feel the triumph coursing through my body. it's been an awesome journey and thanks for sharing it.

what you set out to do might not have had words, but you've achieved it anyway - for life, as it is; we are beautiful, us human beings, as we are. thank you for showing us that.

lots of love.

Ben :) said...


thanks :)

i am one very happy pilgrim right now!