Friday, 3 August 2007

Pilgrimage from Ardenza to Cecina 01/08/07

Just above my camp spot was a walkway that the night before was quite busy, so not wanting to be harassed in the morning, I set my alarm for 6am. It seems I was 15 minutes too optimistic because at 05:45 I was awoken by this vicious dog barking wildly at my tent. Luckily when I pocked my head out it was still up on the path, so I figured as long as it had an owner I would probably be saved from it coming down and demolishing my tent. I was right, someone soon came by and dragged the dog off but it seemed like I better get a move on if I wanted to avoid a similar problem.

It was another nice walk down the coastline with beautiful views at every turn. Since I had started so early I just took it easy, stopping a lot.

It was a pretty eventless day after that. I followed the beach towns all the way to Cecina before looking for a campground. The first place was full, the next one wanted to charge me €26 so I bailed and then the one after that I would have taken at €19 except they didn’t have the internet. It still amazes me that they can charge €20 a night for a patch of dirt!!! And to make it worse they are packed! The world has gone completely mad!!!

The only reason I even consider paying €20 for a campsite is to have a shower, but after checking with the hotels and finding the cheapest at €50 I decided I could wash in the ocean ;) And that I did…

I walked past Cecina through this beautiful pine forest and found myself a nice patch of beach to have a wash and watch the sunset. It was great.

And then, as it was getting dark, it was back into the forest to find a campsite.

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