Thursday, 9 August 2007

Pilgrimage from Orbetello Scalo to Montalto Di Castro 06/08/07

I had the worst night sleep last night!!!

The ground was too hard to put my tent pegs in so I had just draped my fly over the top of my tent. Every now and again these big gusts of wind would come and blow it off. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t seem to tie it on properly and kept waking up to it blowing away…

Then at 06:30 I woke up with this itchy sensation in my ear. As I stuck my finger in, my head suddenly exploded in this violent fit of vibrations. It took me a second to realize what was going on, but it seemed I had a bug in my ear. It soon went back to crawling rather than flying, which was a great relief, but it is still a disturbing feeling to have something crawling around inside your head. After a lot of head shaking, bashing, and jumping up and down, it finally gave up its new home. Thank God for that!!! I was getting worried…

It appears that on my last attempt to secure my fly I had left my tent door open! I now had every imaginable creepy crawly having a party in my tent. It wasn’t pleasant :(

So after evicting all the bugs it was back to walking. I had considered going to Orbetello this morning but after last night it wasn’t going to happen. I was heading straight for Rome :)

I thought I would stop for breakfast about 6kms down the road in Ansedonia. Once again my map led me a bit astray and on the outskirts of town I soon reached a dead-end. According to my map the road should have continued round so I considered jumping the fence but the sign above stopped me. The only words that I could understand looked like “commando” and “vigilante”. I figured commando vigilantes probably shouldn’t be messed with so I headed back :)

The town started to have a strange feel when I spotted a bar called “El Cartello”. As I went in to see if they were open, I was met by a man in an army camouflage colored wetsuit…carrying a spear gun! I would have loved to have got him on video or got his picture but I wasn’t quite game…

They ended up being closed so it was off to look for somewhere else.

I have found that since I have arrived in Italy I have almost stopped drinking beer. It is just too hot. I have now started drinking Sprite and I think I’m getting addicted. I drink between 3-6L of water every day so I should not be dehydrated, but I find myself craving Sprite whenever I stop. It’s very strange, as I don’t normally drink that much fizzy drink. I don’t know whether there is actually something in it my body needs, or whether it just wants the sugar. I think I will have to stop though, it just doesn’t feel right.

I then had a nice walk past Lake Di Burano, which is a WWF sanctuary so you can’t go down to the shore, but is still beautiful. And then back to the highway.

I got to Mantalto Di Castro right on dark and was considering walking the extra 10kms I would need to hit the “100kms to Rome” marker. But after I had eaten something I figured it could wait till tomorrow. I found a paddock and went to sleep.

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Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

I dunno.... maybe sprite is what your body needs. I usually don't drink much fizzy drink either, but I know that when I was cycling in France, on some hot hot days, I would go into a bar feeling thirsty and ask for a cold Orangina. They would take one look at me and dump a heap of ice in it, and I drank it gratefully down. I stopped drinking it again as soon as I stopped cycling: maybe that sugar hit was needed!