Saturday, 11 August 2007

Pilgrimage from Rome to The Vatican :) 10/08/07

This is it!!! My final assault on the Vatican :)

I must have been excited this morning, because even after the wine last night I could not sleep in. I woke up at 7am in great spirits and busily prepared myself for my last walk…well, not really much of a walk, it was more like a stroll across the road ;)

It was an amazing feeling to walk into S. Pietro’s square. It made all those nights in my tent worthwhile.

I found an information office and was informed that I needed to go into the Basilica if I wanted to get my “Testamonium”, the certificate that the Vatican awards to pilgrims.

The security was a bit surprised with the size of my bag but luckily let me through anyway.

S. Pietro’s Basilica is a truly awesome, one of the most impressive structures I have ever seen. But I was trying not to look as I have a friend meeting me tonight who came to Rome just to show me the Basilica tomorrow…so we won’t tell her I already took a glimpse ;)

Nobody seemed to know the exact location of the office I was meant to find but I finally located it.

For the information of anyone else who does this pilgrimage, after you enter the Basilica go down on the left hand side until you reach the entrance to the museum. Follow the hall until you reach the museum ticket desk and just before it on the left is a roped of passage with a guard. Tell the guard what you want to get a “Vatican stamp” or “Vatican timbro” and he will take you to the office.

I have heard that some people get there “testamonium” on the day, but I was asked to bring back a copy of my pilgrims passport and they would send I out. So if you bring a copy with you the first time you might save yourself an extra trip.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me and I look forward to seeing you all back here for the rest of the pilgrimage shortly…

So that’s it….for now :)

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