Saturday, 24 May 2008

Pilgrimage from Adriani to Maronia 21/05/08

Sleeping in again it's 9am before we get moving. We both feel pretty sluggish so when our first town appears 20 minutes later we are happy to stop for frappe. Asking the bar owner if he does food, he leads us next door to a Mini-Mart. Not quite what we are hoping for but better than nothing. He must feel sorry for us because five minutes later he comes out with a big Greek salad each. Awesome :) And after finding out we are walking he decides we need a bit more help and gives us another coffee before leaving. This definitely gets us going!

The road soon turns to dirt and it isn't long before we are wondering through the fields just guessing on where to go. Spotting a church in the distance we figure this must be our town, but upon arriving town is still a kilometer away. The church is out in the middle of nowhere! :)

After finally locating Imeros it's time for lunch. Sitting down for a well earned beer, I put my feet up and relax. Life's feeling good...

Once again we get a negative response when asking about food and once again we must look so miserable that the owner then decides that they do, just as we get our backpacks on to leave she comes running out with some fish and bread. We sit back down to eat and two minutes later we get a big salad as well. It must look like we haven't eaten for a week because five minutes after this another plate arrives full of organs and rice. From the "baaaaaa"ing sounds she is making I take it it's sheep or goat liver. But whatever it is it tastes great. And she doesn't even charge us for it! We pay for our drinks and try to leave a tip but she doesn't want any of it :)

Making it back to the coast we stop for a rest and promptly fall asleep. The deep rumbling of thunder drags us out of our slumber and we get moving quick smart. There are dark clouds brewing on the horizon and it is a long way to our next town. The thunder ensures we aren't slacking but we soon realize the storm seems to be getting farther away, looks like we are in luck!

Finding a beach bar coming in to the next town we are disappointed after realizing it has yet to open. The workers are busy busy, ensuring it will be ready in ten days time, but the owner is more than happy for us to take a seat anyway. He comes over bearing Sprite and again doesn't let us is just one of those days :)

At the next town we manage to get pizza and after a couple of ouzos don't feel like moving any further. This feeling isn't helped by the sound of heavy raindrops on the roof, but luckily they only last a minute. As it's getting dark we get back into it. The ouzo has definitely made the walking easier but we still only make another 5kms before calling it a night.

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