Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Pilgrimage from Perea to Edessa 05/05/08

I wake at 7am with a slight headache, feeling extremely lethargic. Possibly due to the shit the farmer is spraying on his crops on the paddock next to us. Sabine must be feeling the same because after yelling out to wake her up, the next thing I know it’s 9:30!

Checking my feet they are looking 100% on yesterday, I think I’m going to be fine. Edessa is meant to be our lunch stop 23kms away but as we get going at 10:30 we know it isn’t going to happen.

Five kilometers down the road we spot a food bus and decide we will do lunch here, then just take it easy and spend the night in Edessa. My right foot is starting to give me grief again so the shoe comes off for a closer inspection. One of the blisters is starting to look really ugly. The liquid is no longer clear but an off brownish colour and the red ring around it is also spreading. I have noticed as well that my foot has started to swell slightly; I’m going to have to operate!

Getting out my trusty Swiss Army knife I cut all the dead skin off and cover it with antibiotic powder. Let’s hope this does the job…

The main problem I have is that because of the position of it in-between the toes the band-aid comes off as soon as I start walking. Not pleasant!

Sticking to the main road it is a pretty uneventful day. The highlight comes when lying in an orchard taking a rest, dreaming of doctors using maggots to clean dead flesh, I wake to find my foot covered with ants! On closer inspection they are eating the dead skin off my blister!!! I figure that as it isn’t hurting they are probably doing it some good so I leave them to it long enough to get some photos and good footage. Maybe I’ll add it to my blister popping video ;)

Hitting Edessa around 7pm, yep 23kms in 9½ hours :) , we decide to try our luck with the church. Arriving just as the priest turns up we think we are going to be in luck, but unfortunately for us noone speaks English or German and they really don’t seem very interested in us at all. The priest just goes in, makes himself a coffee, then comes out sits on the park bench to smoke a cigarette. He seems much more interested in flirting with the woman sitting next to him than to talking with these two smelly backpackers loitering around, and when we finally get his attention long enough to make sleeping gestures while pointing at the church he just laughs and makes locking motions :) I guess we are shit out of luck with this one…

Locating a hotel we are pleasantly surprised that it’s only €35, and then set off to find an internet cafĂ©…which turns out to be an internet bar :) After a few too many Ouzos, it’s time for bed, but as I go to leave I notice my foot is looking a whole lot bigger! Things aren’t looking good :(

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