Monday, 19 May 2008

Pilgrimage from Palio to Aspri Ammos 15/05/08

A perfect view greets us as we emerge our tents. Camping about 10m above the ocean we have rocky headland after rocky headland, perfect white sand beaches, all filled in with the beautiful deep blue of the Medeteranian. A wonderful way to start the day!

After a brief pause to admire our surroundings we hit the road. To our disgust, 200m later we see a sign for the spa! We can't believe it. After walking 37kms yesterday we stopped 200m short! We can hear God chuckling...

But now we have a decision. The spa is one kilometer off the main road and there is only a small brown tourist sign. No big welcoming "Hotel" or "Resort" signs anywhere to be seen. Do we risk it?

Hahahaha...of course not! Even if we knew a spa was up there it would be a push to walk an extra 2kms, but without the certainty it just isn't going to happen. So off we head once again.

We get directed of the road a couple of times to cafes that still haven't opened yet for the summer. But the roads closer to the coast are much more beautiful anyway, so we don't mind...

And third time lucky. We stop in to a great little tavern owned by a woman who grew up in Australia. She was wonderful! Extremely welcoming and more than happy to sit and chat with us about the "good old days" back in Oz. The highlight comes when she makes us amazing three egg omlette with a Greek salad side. The whole meal has the feeling of being home cooked rather than from a restaurant kitchen. It's perfect :)

Getting in to Nea Peramos around 5pm we head straight for the internet. Finding a super trendy bar called "Mosquito" it's time for an ouzo to ease the sore feet ;)

The great thing about internet cafes in Greece is that they are often also bars which are done up to look really nice. This is no exception. It is a perfect environment to catch up on all our crap...and get slightly tipsy of course ;)

Walking out of Mosquito around 8pm we are greeted with another superb view. The bay of Nea Peramos is a perfect little harbour, and the old castle perched on a hill to the south really gives it character.

Stopping at a Mini-Mart we stock up on ouzo ;) It's funny, at the bar we get charged €4 a glass but in the Mini-Mart we get charged €3 a bottle!!! Bit of a difference...

As it starts to get dark we hit the town of Palio. We aren't having much luck with finding a campsite so when a small church appears in front of us we have to go for a look. Much to our surprise the door's unlocked, but the church is situated in a graveyard...what is the etiquette for this???

We decide it probably isn't worth the wrath of any angry locals if we are discovered and luckily "Campsite Paradiso" appears in front of us 200m down the road. Perfect timing...and we will get a shower!!! :)

Yep, the Gods are smiling on us. We get a super hot shower, our clothes washed and all our electronics charged up, all for €5.50 each...bargain!

Now feeling human once more, we settle in to watch another movie and finish our ouzo...

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