Thursday, 29 May 2008

Pilgrimage from Antheia to Monastiraki 25/05/08

For some unknown reason I wake early this morning and feel great. Everyone else is still out cold so I sit on the couch twiddling my thumbs, go play on the net, then finally go crash back out for a quick nap.

Waking again to the sound of coffee being made in the kitchen it's time to get moving. I have arranged to go diving at noon but today we have also been invited for lunch at Georgia's parents place. I ring to check what time the diving will finish but it will be too late...the home cooked meal wins out and I have to cancel.

Before we leave we get a big surprise. Some of the kittens start to make their first appearance outside their box. It's funny watching them slowly get more and more adventurous and straying farther and farther away from home.

Normally our hosts just have four cats, three females and one male, but the reason they have sooooo many cats right now is that all three females fell pregnant at exactly the same time! And not to their male cat either, he is gay...not that Christos and Georgia mind, being open minded parents and all ;) So within a week of each other they suddenly ended up with 12 kittens! And luckily they have managed to find homes for all but one!

So once again piling into the car we head to lunch. Sabine has been trying to order musaka at every restaurant we ate in the entire time we have been in Greece, but without any luck. The Gods are must be smiling on her today because for our last lunch in Greece musaka appears!

The meal is amazing once again with way too much food being eaten by all. Two home cooked meals in a row. We must be doing something right :)

Once back home I crash out within a minute of walking in the door. Everyone else follows suit and it's 18:30 before we wake back up. The plan is to head off this evening so we can make Turkey tomorrow. It's time to start packing.

One of the kittens finds the solid cat biscuits and digs in. She is loving it and we all watch in astonishment as she continues to gobble them up. Sure enough five minutes later she is a bit unsteady on her feet and starts making funny noises. She looks hilarious! Big eyes watering, ears drooping and making little squeaks as she tries to work out what is happening.

Then the inevitable happens, she throws up and before the vomit even hits the ground she is trying to eat it back up again :) We are all in hysterics!

I go to do some last minute filming and am very unimpressed to discover one of the cameras has died...three weeks after the warranty ran out!!!!!! Fucker :)

Finally finishing all our packing it's time to go. Saying our goodbyes we hit the road., but not before our hosts load us up with a bottle of chippero and some chocolates. It was a perfect break. Thanks guys!!!

Making it 8kms we find a little bar for dinner, get warned about the dangers of walking in Turkey by the bar owner, then find a little spot to set up our tents. Our last night in Greece...


Steph said...

hey, a south australian fisherman has blue fin tuna who swim out of the Australian Bight, south over the continental shelf and then west and north around Western Australia up to their spawning grounds near the Timor Sea - ALL WITHOUT LEAVING THEIR TANK. he does it with currents and lights. it occurred to me it's not unlike traveling through greece with you and sabine :)

Ben :) said...


i had to read that about five times before it made any sense to me...and im still not sure ive got it :)