Monday, 5 May 2008

Pilgrimage from Aetos to Perea 04/05/08

I have the alarm set for 6am so we don’t give any of the old black ladies a heart attack if they want to come and say their morning prayers…it is Sunday after all ;)

After yesterdays effort up the mountain we decide to stick to the main roads today. Thirty-six kilometers is the goal and as we set off in the morning sunshine I am quietly confident.

There isn’t much traffic and all around the area is spotted red with poppies. It’s beautiful…

The road isn’t meant to pass through any villages, so we get the feeling something went slightly wrong when suddenly we find ourselves in front of a town hall! How did this happen??? All we did was follow our main road straight, and somehow we have ended up 3kms north. One of the great mysteries of the universe :)

But it doesn’t concern us too much as there is another road that angles back down to join the road we want. Following this we soon come to a little village and one of the old guys there invites us in for a coffee. Him and his friends keep us entertained for a while and we set off once again in good spirits.

The road should join the main road on the corner of a lake and we are thinking this is going to be a perfect spot for lunch. Unfortunately we keep walking, and walking, and walking…but still no lake and no main road??? It feels like we are on Candid Camera…when I line up all the landmarks I can see, it looks on the map like we are standing smack bang in the middle of the lake!!! No matter how many times I do it I keep getting the same result and we soon figure our map is screwed.

So spotting a hill we figure will lead us to our road, we go cross-country, weaving our way as best we can through the fields. The only major obstacle is a river we have to wade through and as soon as we find some shade we set up for lunch.

I hear a rustling sound next to me and glancing down see this 1m long snake less than a meter and a half away from me! I let out a “Holly Crap” but am too scared to go for the camera until it is safely past. Luckily it didn’t even seem to care about us…but it still gave me a fright :)

As we get going again my right foot starts to really give me problems. I have had a couple of blisters since starting, but the one now giving me grief from in between my big and second toe is a nightmare! For ten minutes after a break every step sends shots of pain up my leg and it is starting to make me feel nauseas.

Sabine isn’t fairing much better so our progress is really starting to slow…

We get invited in for a drink once again at the next town and then finally find our road again!!! We still don’t understand how we lost it in the first place but 36kms is now not looking so likely.

Limping our way along, 4kms before our goal we decide to call it a day. Let’s hope the feet recover and behave a bit better tomorrow :)

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