Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Pilgrimage from Edessa to Karolissia 06/05/08

Sleeping in again we wake around 10am to the sound of rain…the honeymoon period is definitely over :( We have been pretty spoilt over the last couple of weeks but now it looks like we are in for some hard work. All my socks and undies are wet because they were hanging outside, my foot is still swollen and if it get’s any worse, apart from not being able to fit in my shoe, will mean I will have to go see a doctor…something I really don’t enjoy ;)

It’s midday by the time we get moving and for the first ten minutes I just limp along, waiting for the body to pump out enough endorphins to make walking bearable, reducing the pain in my foot to a dull ache.

A big concern when having problems with parts of your body that you have to use every day, is that it often causes a chain reaction. The pain in my right foot has caused me to walk funny and now my tendon on the back of my ankle is starting to hurt. I’m really looking forward to getting to Thessaloniki and taking a day or two off. Only 80kms to go!!!

One good thing about walking in the rain though is that it is easier to make longer distances. If it is cold it is better to be wet and moving rather than wet and sitting ;) So even though we didn’t leave till lunchtime we still make 26kms before 8pm. Spotting a construction site we decide to call it a night. At least we will sleep dry tonight!!!


Brent said...

hey ben its brent, we met in belgrade. good to hear thıngs are still goıng, all be ıt with a few problems! im keepıng track of your progress, keep ıt up! im in istanbul at the moment, mıght see u soon!

Ben :) said...

hey mate...

good to hear from u. we r heading towards istanbul right now but it is probablly still 3 weeks till we arrive.

hopefully see u soon...

ben :)