Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Ankara 21/06/08

Zeynep worked night shift last night so we all let her sleep in. When she rises the girls have prepared another awesome breakfast, this ensures we will have enough energy for our day of being a tourists...

First stop is Ankara Castle and after making our way up the hill we get a surprise when the road ends and at dead end. Where's the entrance?

A woman comes out of her house, which is actually built into the wall of the castle, and we ask for directions. Turns out the castle isn't open to visitors anymore so we just have to use our imaginations. Spotting another section with people about 100m away we head over there. Some local kids adopt us and act as tour guides which is great. I love the fact there are no barriers or warning signs anywhere. We climb the walls and walk around on parapets that drop off 10m to the streets below. The view is awesome and I am amazed at how big Ankara actually is.

Next stop is the Anatolian Museum. Now I'm not such a big fan of museums but one thing here really got my attention. Thousand year old drinking buckets!!! A bit more impressive than the Thai plastic Vodka Redbull buckets that's for sure :)

We were planning on getting to the Ataturk Museum as well but time is getting away from us. Zeynep seems pretty disappointed so I promise her we will go tomorrow morning before I start walking again.

Havva and Omer are in town having a drink with Havva's sister, Emel, and we head down to meet up with them. Emel is completely mad and it is an enjoyable way to spend the evening. After a few beers and a hamburger it's back to Zeynep's flat for a big fish dinner.

Zeynep's friend's friend is playing in a band tonight and she is pretty keen to go for a look. Sounds good to me :)

They put on a great performance and after a few too many beers we finally stagger home around 2am...

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