Thursday, 10 July 2008

Pilgrimage from Karakurt to Kesikkopru 03/07/08

The alarm goes off at 7am but it isn't till half an hour later I drag myself out of bed. Heading straight down for a nice hot bath the day is feeling great already...

Heaven! :)

Back in my room I grab my computer and make my way to the restaurant for breakfast. Opening the blog I wrote last night I get a big shock, the document is empty! What the...!?! In my hurry to get to sleep last night I must of hit "Don't save" instead of "Save".

I am not too worried because I know in Word the documents get backed up regularly and I have seen in the preferences that TextEdit does the same. It's just a matter of finding out where the documents go and hope that they are saved regularly. I search and search and search...but no backups :(

Thirty minutes later a very unhappy pilgrim resigns himself to re-writing the whole thing. Bastards!!! Salt is rubbed into the wounds more because I am still so far behind!

I have a productive morning and re-write last night's blog, plus almost finish one more. The guy from the office is great, he speaks good English, use to play professional basketball...and this morning has agreed to let me use the office internet :)

I make myself at home behind his desk with a big list of things I want to do, but when I open my laptop it won't start! No way!!! I realize I didn't learn my lesson and the last blog didn't get saved :( WHY!!!!!???????????

But fuck it! Sometimes when things aren't going your way you just have to forget about it and do something else...and other times you just have to work harder. Realizing I need to get on top of these blogs or they will go out the window I knuckle down.

By 2pm I have done almost everything I need to do...sent emails, burnt more language CDs and written more blogs :) Including today's blog I only have four to do. Much better than the ten I was behind a few days ago :)

After a quick pide I hit the road, sparing one last, longing glance at the hot springs...maybe I should stay one more night ;)

But I don't, and keep walking. A few kilometers later I spot a turnoff to one of the towns I think I should walk through. Should I play it safe and head straight to Kirsahir of should I try for the smaller roads again. Feeling adventurous I take the small road.

With golden wheat fields stretching as far as the eye can see the walk is magical. I love being alone in places like this!

The cars are few and far between and almost every car that passes stops to offer me a lift. Strangely enough just about every person I have talked to in the last few days can speak German and has been there to work. It is annoying though because I can't speak a word of German (well I actually can say "walk" and "eat" from listening to Sabine's conversations and I know "prawn" from before...yes, strange I know :) ), but they insist on speaking German to me even after I say in Turkish...

"Sorry, I can't speak German but I can speak a little Turkish".

Then they speak more German and just look at me blankly when respond once again in Turkish...

"Sorry, I don't understand"

I'm starting to dread walking into settlements around these parts because it inevitably means I will get attacked by dogs. Kortulu proves to be no exception, but this time I don't stuff around trying to act cool, as soon as he comes within range I shower him with rocks :)

People always make jokes that I'm carrying rocks in my bag because of the weight...and now I do :) Two hand sized missiles are located in my side pocket just waiting. I have had too many close calls recently and rocks seem to be the only way to scare the bastards off. Sometimes though, if there is more than one or I let one get too close it is too dangerous to bend down to pick some up, especially with the backpack on. So know I have them handy :)

Waving up to an old guy sitting on his balcony I get waved in for some tea :) He has a very steady gaze and calm aura and after getting through the pleasantries is happy just to sit in silence enjoying the view. Perfect for me and I could have happily stayed for hours...

Hitting a T-intersection just down the road I start asking for directions to my next destination. Unfortunately there are only kids around and none of them have heard of "Gozler", but finally one pipes up saying that he knows...

"It is that way" Pointing to the left

Now, trusting ten year olds with directions is always a bit dodgy but when there is no better option it has to do. Left it is...

With the road soon turning to dirt I'm left completely on my own. The cherries and little apples have given way to apricots, spotting some trees laden with fruit I can't help taking fifteen minutes out to indulge myself :)

The wheat fields slowly disappear and I'm left with barren red hills. Finding a little rise I sit myself down to take in and enjoy my solitude. The sun starts to sink behind the horizon and if it wasn't for some unfortunately placed power lines I would have had a perfect sunset.

Arriving in Gozler just on dark I almost get kidnapped by these two old ladies after asking for directions...

"You can't walk now! Dogs! Danger! Too dark! Come stay with us. Come, come..."

They are looking at me suspiciously like I might bolt given half a chance...which is probably because I'm feeling like I'm going to bolt given half a chance ;) I would love to stay but have probably only completed 20kms today, still 10kms to go...

When they realize They are not going to convince me to stay one of them turns to her son...

"Go get the car."

Laughing "No, no, sorry...I will just walk"

"Go get the car. Go get the car"

Starting to back away I thank them profusely, seeing my chance I say "goodbye" and take off. The two old ladies don't look so happy but the son thinks it's incredibly amusing :)

Now in darkness I make my way towards the main road, not too happy that I'm being led north-east, not south-east like my map indicates. But at least I do hit the road I want and setting up to finish my bread, cheese and tomato have a nice little picnic under the stars.

My kilometer count has only been a guess today, and after another 5kms down the road it's midnight and I figure I must have reached my 30km quota. Finding a nice little spot tucked away between two hills I call it a day...

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