Thursday, 17 July 2008

Pilgrimage from Guzeloz to Arapli 10/07/08

The alarm wasn't set but I still wake early, feeling better and with a huge hunger. Heading straight down to the restaurant I dig into a big home-made breakfast, then right before my eyes my yoghurt moves! No way...I wonder if I am just seeing things...

Eyeing it sideways I take a's fizzy! Like, not just a little fizzy but incredibly fizzy! It's a shame the owners are right there watching me because I really want to hold it to my ear, I'm sure I will be able to hear it :) I get a few spoonfuls down but just the thought of it is turning my stomach. Finishing the rest of the meal I sit back and start to feel strange once again. One more glance at the yoghurt is all it takes and I'm straight back to bed curled up in a ball :(

Again feeling better on waking I'm not sure whether to give myself the day off or whether to continue on. Checking the clock it's 11am and I decide to make a move. Worst case scenario I pitch my tent 2kms down the road...

A definite improvement on yesterday, I manage to make the 7kms to the Soganli Valley turnoff in one hit. Not being sure what Soganli is, and it being 4kms away I give it a miss. Without a guidebook it's a bit hard to tell what's worth the effort and what's not, but anything less than the Taj Mahal wouldn't get this pilgrim to walk an extra 8kms for a look... ;)

Stopping for a quick rest I resist the temptation of falling asleep...the first time in the last few days I have :) Making good time over the next 10kms to Yesilhisar It's time to see if my stomach can handle a real meal.

Finding a restaurant I order a bowl of meat stew, a plate of rice and a salad, then hesitantly start to eat. All goes well with the only problem being I still can't quench my thirst. I have been drinking heaps of water all day and just had an ayran and a Pepsi (great combination on a dodgy stomach I know) but am still super thirsty.

Letting my stomach rest for a bit I decide to go shopping for some pants. I started this pilgrimage with two pairs, one pair died three weeks ago and the pair I am wearing now died two weeks ago, I just keep forgetting to buy some new ones :) But today's the day!

One of the kids working at the restaurant acts as my guide and eagerly shows me around the shops, getting slightly embarrassed with my offer of 10YTL when the price starts at 30YTL, and the lowest the shopkeepers will go is 20YTL. Much to his relief the fifth shop has some for 15YTL. Bargain :)

Feeling pretty smick in my new pants I set of for the turnoff to Yahyali, the point which will give me 30kms for the day. Passing a little store I can't resist one more fizzy drink, with my belly sloshing I hit the road.

Reaching the turnoff around 20:15 I only have to walk another kilometer before finding a perfect little orchard to camp in. As I start setting up I hear a shepherd calling to his sheep in the paddock next door. Keeping my torch and stick handy I realize that it's been four days since I was attacked by a dog, must be getting close to a record for Turkey!

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Nicu Panaitescu said...

Capadochia seems to be great to see, reading your posts and seeing the photos. And you, walking it after walking the previous miles from Canterbury, you are quite a spectacular guy yourself. I'm amazed, realy...

Take good care of your stomach and beware of dogs! :)