Thursday, 3 July 2008

Pilgrimage from Isletmeleri (Ankara) to Golbasi 23/06/07

Getting an awesome night sleep in one of the comfiest beds I've ever slept in I'm feeling pretty good, especially considering it's still only half past six!

Sabine's flight got in at 05:30 and we've arranged to meet at 07:30 for breakfast in town. Emrah is kind enough to join us and we make our way down to the Starbucks to wait.

Arriving just on time Sabine is nowhere to be seen. My phone is out of batteries and gets charged from my laptop so I get all my gear out and set up. The charger isn't working and when I go to check my email the internet isn't working either....looks like one of these mornings :(

Emrah and I sit around chatting until at 08:15 Sabine finally tracks us down :) She has been searching for the Starbucks for an hour! Emrah has to go to work so leaves us to swap stories over a chai latte.

I can't believe Sabine is back!!! It wasn't looking like it would be possible...

After catching up on each other's tales it's time for some planning. Sabine only has until the 3/7 so time is tight. We figure the best idea will be to walk for 2½ days, catch a bus to Cappadocia, spend a day there, then go our separate ways...

Perfect... :)

But first I've arranged meet Mehdi, Havva and Omer for coffee so we head back up to Mehdi's.

By the time we are ready to get going it's after lunch, but the plan today is only for 20kms so it should still be fine. Heading back to Ankamall we get into it. With Sabine by my side it feels like she never left and we easily slip back into our old rhythm.

The walk is pretty boring but finally around 6pm we pass the Ankara city limits. What a great feeling! I had a wonderful time here and met some awesome people, but if I stay in a place for more than a couple of days it feels like I am getting this journey I have to keep moving :)

Coming into Golbasi just on dark we find a restaurant, have dinner then head out to look for a camp spot. The lights over the lake make for beautiful walking but after two weeks holidays Sabine's feet are telling her to take it easy. Finding a little car park tucked away behind some trees we call it a night...

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