Friday, 18 July 2008

Pilgrimage from Yahyali to Delialiusagi 12/07/08


Nothing like a shotgun firing a couple of meters from your head to wake you in the morning :)

Opening one eye I can see grandpa, still in his trackiedaks, shotgun in hand leaning over the edge of the balcony trying to direct one of the kids to collect whatever it was he thinks he hit. They don't have any luck :) He turns to me and I get the feeling I've just woken in the set of Beverly Hillbillies ...

"Good morning"

"Good morning" I don't know what the time is but it feels early...

Breakfast is another wonderful feast and for dessert I get a tour of the fruit trees around the property...Awesome!!! :)

Saying a big "Thank you" I get to it. The walking is great as my road winds it's way into the mountains. I was told there is a lot of mining in the area and the different minerals in the soil make for some awesome views. Reds, oranges, greys, browns and greens all mix together in a collidescope of color! Magical!!!

What goes up must come road suddenly starts a steep decline into the valley below, I just hope I don't get the same going up the other side...

"Hey Ben!!!"

A car pulls up next to me and a couple of guys I met in a service station yesterday poke their heads out...

"We are going to the waterfall, jump in"

The waterfall they are talking about is Kapuzbasi, which everyone I have spoken to in the last two days has insisted I go to. I was even told it is the second most famous waterfall in the world! My first thought was "Of course it's not..." but after trying to list the most famous waterfalls in the world and getting as far as Niagra...maybe it is ;)

Either way, I have decided that even though it is a few kilometers off my track it is worth hitching down for a look. The only thing stopping me jumping straight in the car is I'm on a mountain corner that looks just like every other mountain corner I have passed in the last 5kms...

"Thanks, but I will walk to the next town then hitch. It will be too hard to find this place again..."

Looking at me like I'm slightly mad "OK, see you there..."

The valley is stunning but unfortunately my suspicions were confirmed. The road up the other side is a nightmare. :( Stopping every 100m with sweat pouring of me it's slow going. A truck pulls up next to me and the driver waves me over...

"Hi, where are you from?"


"You have been taking pictures. You can not take pictures here, I need to check your photos"


Looking slightly confused "Do you speak English or German?"


"Give me your camera. I need to check your photos. You cant take pictures here!"

Shaking my head "No"

Our eyes lock as we weigh each other up, the silence lasts that split second too long and I have the feeling he is actually going to get out of his truck. Luckily my gaze stays steady, he shrugs and drives off... :)

The next truck driver that pulls over for a chat is more friendly. Metin met me a couple of days ago just out of Yesilhisar and is stoked to have the chance for another chat...

"Jump in, come and have tea"

Why not? I need a rest anyway so taking a seat in the cabin we drink tea and chat away. Cheers mate :)

With some writing still to be done today I find a tree in the middle nowhere and stop for a rest. The laptop comes out and I emerge myself in my thoughts...

"Hello, where are you from?"

Startled I glance up to see a guy in a multicolored striped shirt standing over me. Where did he come from? With that shirt I should have been be able to spot him a mile away ;)

He takes a seat and two minutes later we are joined by three more. I quickly realize I'm not going to get much writing done as more and more people continue to arrive. Before long they have a fire going and are cooking up a storm. Did I just happen to pick the right tree or what???

One thing I'm starting to realize with Turkey is that I am never alone :)

By 5pm I make Delialiusagi and start incredibly easy task in Turkey :)and an hour later locate Hasan and Gaglor at the waterfall. Kapuzbasi is incredible! Another one of these places that has to be seen to be believed, photos just don't do it justice...

Situated in a big gorge with 100m high cliffs on either side the waterfalls pour out of the walls about a third of the way up. Straight out of nowhere! I have never seen anything like it :)

The boys are drinking so it isn't long before I sit back enjoying the view with a beer. As it starts getting dark we cook up a BBQ and after a few more beers it's time to call it a night...

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