Friday, 18 July 2008

Kapuzbasi 13/07/08

Being a Sunday and considering I camped smack bang in the middle of the main picnic area I'm lucky I get to sleep-in until 07:30. Poking my head out into the morning air a buzz of activity greets me as a family sets themselves up for the day. Everyone thinks it's quite amusing when I finally emerge and pack up my tent... :)

Glancing over the river I can see the boys still asleep, perched on their little overhang. There is a bit of movement as I arrive, then they are straight back under their blankets.

Getting out my computer I'm happy to sit and type and couldn't have a better environment to be creative.

The boys finally wake and after a picnic breakfast we go for a walk to check out the sights. Stripping off the guys jump in the river next to one of the main falls, the water is FREEZING and I'm not keen...

But then I might never be back here again and I need a shower anyway. The water is so cold it is painful but a great way to wake up.

Feeling rejuvenated I make the decision to stay an extra day. The guys have to head back to Yahyali and on their way home drop me at a "pansiyon" at the head of the valley.

The sound of running water makes a great backdrop and after consuming a magnificent fresh fish lunch I go for an afternoon nap...

On waking I realize I made a great decision not to walk's pissing down with rain! After weeks of desert it is quite a surprise and, from the comfort of my little room, very nice :)

Maybe it was the cold water blowing out all the cobwebs this morning but my mind is feeling extremely refreshed and I decide to do some "Spring cleaning". Unloading everything form my pack I'm slightly disappointed with how little I get rid of...but every little bit helps :)

The day is passed catching up on all my blogs, lounging around on my veranda then having another wonderful meal of barbecued lamb for dinner.

And for the first time in weeks I'm feeling clear. This is obviously just what I needed...

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ca─člar said...

hi ben. how are you . thanks for photo. we remember you