Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Pilgrimage from Isletmeleri (Ankara) to Isletmeleri (Ankara) 22/06/08

Waking early we head straight down to the Ataturk museum. I'm sure no Turk would every forgive me if I came to Ankara and gave this a miss ;)

The whole place is a pretty grand affair and I'm glad we made the effort. Very impressive! Arriving just in time to see the changing of the guards, they put on quite a performance. We head in to see Ataturk's tomb then it's in to the museum.

I have to laugh. If Ataturk graced an object with his presence then it is here on display for all to see. Ataturk's cars, Ataturk's bed robes, Ataturk's drinkig glasses, Ataturk's pens, Ataturk's walking sticks, Ataturk's whips!?! Go Ataturk ;)

The whole thing takes a bit longer than I was expecting and by the time we finish it's already after noon. I have arranged to meet a friend at 2pm and have to meet my new couchsurfing host at 3pm. Hmmmm, not looking good...

Deciding that there's not enough time to walk anywhere today I agree to go to lunch with Zeynep and the crew to say goodbye. Funnily enough the place Zeynep decides on for lunch is Ankamall! I have my backpack and everything with me and figure since I'm here anyway I might as well finish the last 4kms I missed two days ago. Telling them I'll be back in 45 minutes I take off in search of the BP where I finished.

Recognizing me straight away the workers let out a cheer when I walk back in to their shop. Buying a drink, I turn around to walk back out and can see in their eyes they all think I'm completely mad :)

The walk back is pretty boring but it isn't long before I've met back up with my hosts and am eating McDonalds.

My Stepfather, Dirk is working with a network marketing business in Thailand and met a young guy from Ankara at a recent seminar. He passed on his number to me and told me to get in contact so today I've agreed to go check out a training day he is holding at a local hotel.

Mehdi is a character and I can immediately see why he is doing so well in his chosen business. At only 28 years old he is full of charisma and has a passion for what he is doing which emanates through everything he says and does.

The big surprise comes though when I meet some of his fellow network marketers. They are almost all under 25! I have some experience with network marketing myself and the image I have of training days is a group of 40-60 year olds all telling me "I wish I found this opportunity when I was your age". Now I'm here in front of these kids with them looking at me like I missed the boat!!! Awesome ;)

I can only stay for a short while then it's another taxi over to Emrah's house. I thought I had planned my whole stay in Ankara pretty well, with three well positioned hosts, but it all went out the window...oh well :)

Emrah is another super cool guy, but I suppose you have to be to open your house to a complete stranger. His parents moved out of the family house and now he has the whole place to himself. Good score mate!!! And it means I even get my own room, luxury...

Checking my email I get a big surprise...Sabine has booked a flight to Ankara tomorrow!!! Yippee!!! I know she only has until the 3rd July before flying out of Tel Aviv so it wasn't looking like we would meet, but I'm glad she's making the effort :)

After a quick shower we head into town for a drink, Emrah shouts me dinner then we go for a game of pool. I don't like to loose at anything but with the score at 5-2 it will be a very long night if I'm going to attempt to claw my way back, so I admit defeat... :(

But don't worry Emrah, I'll be back ;)

We head home, watch the Soccer and after another penalty shoot out call it a night.

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