Monday, 7 July 2008

Koprukoy 29/06/08


Wow, what a night! I can hear people up and about but the last thing I want to do right now is open my eyes. I'm feeling incredibly ill! Hopefully they will let me sleep for a couple more hours...

"Ben, Ben! Get up, get up"


Slowly opening an eye I can see Adnan looking rather cheerful. This makes me even more ill and I get he strong feeling I'm about to throw up. Thinking back on the night I don't remember anything after returning from the wedding.

Lounging on the bed trying to get my bearings Arif comes in and drags me out to the front yard.

Arif's wife prepares an awesome breakfast. Looking at it sideways as she sets up I'm really not sure if I will be able to stomach it. Focusing on my breathing and hanging on to my chair some food finally makes it into my mouth. So far so good...

Adnan looks at me with a big grin giving me the thumbs up...

"Ben, you drink Raki very well. Just like Turkish. Very good, very good"

Obviously I'm looking a lot better than I'm feeling. I just shake my head and pointing to my temple indicating that I was finished last night.

"No, no! Very good. Very good"

We'll see how impressed he is after I go and vomit up breakfast... :)

One thing I am glad of though is at some point in last nights fun I promised I would go fishing with them all today and start walking in the afternoon. They way I'm feeling now it will be at least 5pm before I will be capable of going anywhere.

Surprisingly breakfast stays down and we pile in the car to go to the lake. The spot is magical and being so close to Ankara I'm amazed there are so few people. Adnan hands me a glass and I fantasize about some ice cold lemonade...

Opening the eski "Beer?"

Beer!?! Shit, I don't know if that's such a good idea...

Actually, bugger it why not... "Sure"

This leaves Adnan with a big grin and we proceed to drink the morning away. I've always said the best cure for a hangover is a beer but I'm probably getting a bit too old for this sort of carry on ;)

We drink, then swim, then drink, then play backgammon, then drink, then swim...A perfect day! Adnan even tries his hand at Donkey riding... :)

"Ben, you can not go today. You have to stay one more night!"

Laughing "No, no, I will go. I have to keep walking"

"No, no, no. One more night, one more night."

I remember that today is the final for the European Cup and I know there is not much in the way of towns for the next 40kms...

"Actually, if we can find a TV to watch the football I will stay"

"Very good, very good!!! No problem"

Deciding on a change of scenery we head to another spot and try our hand at fishing. We don't have much success but luckily some friends of Arif's have caught bucket loads and are happy to let us have some.

I'm not really sure why, but Adnan decides the best place to cook the fish is back at his place in Ankara and before I know it we've picked up Arif's wife and are on our way to the city.

The fish dinner is wonderful and with a bottle of Raki we settle in to watch the game. I consider seeing if any of my friends from Ankara want to meet up but after three days of solid drinking I'm probably not in the best shape ;) Then I remember I have the number for Havva's sister, Emel. She was completely mad and I'm sure would be able to handle me in this state so I give her a call.

Luckily Emel has to work in the morning and isn't keen to come out, after watching Spain win the game I'm happy to pass out... :)

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