Thursday, 17 July 2008

Pilgrimage from Taskinpasa to Guzeloz 09/07/08

The alarm didn't get set last night but I wake in my little stone cave quite early. Feeling good I go to get up and wave of lethargy washes over me...

An hour and a half later I drag myself out of bed and immediately realize I'm not in the best shape. My stomach is feeling strange, probably due to no real dinner last night, and I have no energy...probably for the same reason.

Getting moving I immediately break out into a sweat, and am pleasantly surprised the first town appears after only 3kms. Searching for a restaurant I'm left disappointed and after another kilometer can't walk another step :( Something is definitely wrong! Only making 4kms before collapsing exhausted...not a good sign!

Sitting with my eyes closed I drift of, then snap-to feeling icy cold. Starting to walk again the valley is magical but my road shortly leads me up on to a plateau of nothingness. I make another 4kms before needing another rest but there is no shade anywhere, just dust...

Managing to stagger 2kms farther on I spot a small tree which, when curled up into a ball, provides me with enough shade to stop me getting cooked. Within a few seconds I'm asleep, only to wake a short time later completely in the sun. Repositioning myself I doze back off.

Two hours later I make a move, hoping a restaurant is nearby. My stomach is still feeling like crap and even though it really didn't want it I managed to force down some bread and olives before leaving.

The nothingness continues for another 6kms and as the road starts to descend into a valley my water runs dry. Things really aren't looking good! My thirst has been insatiable today, doesn't seem to matter how much I drink I'm immediately thirsty again and now I'm waterless...

But my discomfort doesn't last long, a town appears before me and much to my surprise has a restaurant!

"One salad please"

Not being in the best shape I figure I'll start easy. If the salad goes down alright I'll move on to some real food.

The old lady serving me rushes into the garden to pick my salad...Perfect!!!

My appetite is awesome and I hungrily demolish the gourmet dish presented to me, but suddenly I have to stop for rest...something isn't right. I have a sudden urge to lie down on the ground to sleep but unfortunately for me the owners are siting just across from me...

Then I remember the sign for the restaurant also said "Pansiyon". It's only 3pm but I'm not in a good state...

"Do you have rooms?"


"How much?"


"Can you do 15YTL?"

"No, 20YTL"


Carrying the remaining salad and all my bags into my new house I jump into bed and pass out :)

Waking five hours later feeling slightly better, I finish the salad then decide I need some Baclava. Heading back out the front I find out the only dessert they have right now is watermelon...

Sounds perfect!

After my little snack it's straight back to bed. Let's hope I'm feeling better tomorrow...

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