Thursday, 10 July 2008

Pilgrimage from Omerhacili to Karakurt 02/07/08

The family wakes early to go work in the fields, my wake up call is at 06:30. I had a very strange sleep last night, weird dreams and then at around 5am I'm sure someone tapped me on the leg to wake me. It might have just been a muscle spasm but when i opened my eyes to find nobody there it sent a chill down my spine... :)

Yusuf's father is still asleep in the lounge room when we sit for breakfast...

Grunting "How long have a got"

"Five minutes"

He rolls back over and within ten seconds is snoring :)

Breakfast is another awesome affair, full of home-made goodies and is just what I need for a big walk. Yusuf takes me down to the main road, points out my next town in the distance and leaves me to it.

It is another day of nothing! Endless fields of wheat as far as the eye can see with the occasional tractor driver stopping for a chat. I make 15kms in good time and at 10:15 sit down to write. I end up spending four hours sitting under the tree and I get a good chunk of my blogs done, the only reason I stop is my laptop is running out of batteries...

I must look a sight though and get many strange looks from the farmers and fieldworkers passing by...sitting in the middle of nowhere, with shit everywhere playing in my laptop :)

A few young guys come back to see me that I had been chatting to earlier and had taken a photo of...

"Photo sil"

I take this to mean they want me to send the photo to them and hand them pen and paper to get their address.

"No, no, sil!" making sweeping motions with their hands

"I don't understand" I get the camera out to show them the photo. Maybe they just want another look...

"Father problem, sil sil"

Hmmm, they want me to delete it :( Why...? And the photo is great...

"Yes, father problem, father problem. Sil!"

Well, I don't like to lie and try not to do it too often but these guys seemed really happy with the photo earlier and buggered if I'm going to let a paranoid old man take away a great photo ;) There is a small chance he has a good reason so out of respect I haven't put it on the blog. Pretending to delete it, they are happy and head back to work.

Now that I'm on small roads my maps don't help so I have a list of downs from googlemaps to take me in the right direction. Spotting a sign to one of my towns I turnoff and head south.

Hitting a little village the locals are all super friendly and I get invited in for home-made ayran and tea. I have one problem though, whenever I try to go directions and show them the list of towns they can trace me path as far as their own village then all just draw a blank. Nobody has heard of my next destination...bloody googlemaps!!! :)

Heading farther south I hit a main road and stop for another brake. Trying to figure out where I am and where I should be going is near impossible :(

Talking to some locals everyone tries to direct me to Kirsehir, the nearest big town and without a better option I decide to take their advice. And besides, they mention there is a hotel 5 or 6 kilometers away and I haven't showered in days :)

My road hits another road and I have the feeling it is probably the road I left earlier in the day :( Finally around 20:30 I stagger into Karakurt, having walked around 35-40kms and feeling it. If I had stuck to this road the whole day I think I would be lucky to be 30kms from Omerhacili...oh well :)

Right on the edge of town the hotel appears and I get a very nice surprise...Hot springs!!! Just what I need :)

Asking at reception for the price I get the usual finger tapping, looking at the other people in the office, looking back at me gauging how much I'm worth then a big grin with an answer...


The guy speaks great English so I can hassel him a bit... "Come on mate, we are not in Istanbul!"

Laughing "Well, you see we have two types of rooms..." :)

Twenty Lira it is and with the Turkish bath included it's a bargain!

I have been in Turkey for over a month now and can't believe this will be my first Turkish bath! Without wasting any time I throw my backpack in my room and head down to soak away the days walking...

Aaaaaahhhh...Every day should end like this!!! ;)

Going back up to my room I write one blog entry and suddenly start to feel incredibly ill. An old guy gave me some home-made ayran in the baths and the combination of that and a liter of fruit juice mustn't be doing me any good...

Turning off the lights it isn't long before I'm out cold :)

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