Friday, 25 July 2008

Pilgrimage from Narduzu to Arsus 23/07/08

Waking up not knowing where the hell I am or how I got here, yesterday's antics slowly start to come back to me. I must have been trashed, here I am lying on the side of the road, two cameras lying on the ground next to me and my arms still in my backpack! :)

It's obviously the middle of the night and there is noone around so I figure if I slept this long without a problem another few hours shouldn't matter. Removing myself from my backpack and hiding the cameras under my jacket I curl up on the ground and go back to sleep...

A passing jogger draws me from my slumber and I can make out it's starting to get light. I should get moving. Sitting up I realize the house next to me is under construction and is empty inside. Perfect! :) Grabbing all my shit I move in and it isn't until 11:30 I finally feel well enough to walk :)

I have a huge hunger and the first restaurant to appear is a posh looking hotel. Finding a seat overlooking the pool and the Mediterranean I ask for a menu...

"Yes, we have a menu...but today we only serve a special meat dish"

Sounds to me like they are saying "If you want to eat you have to have the most expensive thing we serve" ;)

But I'm glad I decided to go with it. Absolutely divine!!!

The walk is hard today but with the sea breeze and beautiful views it's well worth it. Stopping regularly I make slow progress and even though I get offers to sit and drink beer I manage to resist ;) Finally, just on dark I hit Arsus. Two guys stop me for a chat and walk with me into town. Ali offered me a lift a couple of hours ago and has been waiting for me to arrive so he can buy me dinner. Champion!!! Arsus is a great little town, full of life and a wonderful feel...

Ali takes me to a kebab shop and after a great meal I leave to find a hotel. They were going to help me look around but when I told them I wanted a room for 20YTL they just laugh and tell me it isn't possible...

The first couple of hotels are full, I start to get a bit worried but then third time lucky, I find a perfect little pansiyon for 20YTL, now it's time for a beer ;)

Everyone has told me the nightclubs here are well worth a look so I figure I better go find out for myself. Turns out "everyone" is right, the nightclubs are great, but unfortunately for me I'm the only person out and about in them tonight... :(

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