Thursday, 17 July 2008

Pilgrimage from Urgup to Taskinpasa 08/07/08

Eleven thirty check out times are awesome and I make full use of this one...even though after last night's effort getting up any earlier isn't really an option ;)

Packing my stuff I head down to the gardens to sit, eat brunch and do some work on the internet. Ahmet is also lounging around the gardens and after a good chat and a few games of backgammon it's 2pm, I better get moving!

One of the problems about being hungover is that it makes me lazy to do the little things. I forgot to look at my map and because it is on the computer I can't be bothered getting it back out of my bag. Everyone I have talked to over the last couple of days has told me I will/should walk through Mustafapasa, so seeing a sign I head in this direction.

It's a nice walk and I make Mustafapasa easily. There are a few restaurants around and I consider having lunch but from the signs there are plenty of villages up ahead and this road seems to be pretty touristy. I settle for an ice-cream and then curiosity gets the better of me and I get out the computer to check my map...

Sure enough this isn't the road I wanted to take, but after a little re-planning I plot out a new route which looks great :)

Coming across a lake a few kilometers later I dream about having a snooze on it's shores, but unfortunately it is quite a hike down the hill so I settle for a snooze in a paddock instead :)

Waking two hours later feeling super hungry I go in search of a restaurant. Cemil comes into sight and I'm encouraged by the brown tourist signs pointing into town. On reaching the center I realize Im lucky they even have a corner shop! Not much to this place at all. They have bread but no cheese so I settle for some olives and make a move. Not quite what I was fantasizing about for dinner but definitely better than nothing :)

Arriving in the next town after dark I'm sure it must have a restaurant. There are shops everywhere and even an internet cafe but on asking I keep getting negative responses! Why???? Bread and olives just aren't doing it for me.. :(

Playing on the net for half an hour I keep going, hoping the next town will provide me with sustenance, but spotting a sandstone cave in my torch beam I can't resist...

Let's call it a night... :)

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