Saturday, 16 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Arras to Boiry-Becquerelle 08/06/07

A very lazy day today…

I drank way too much last night and if it wasn’t for the hostel kicking us out at 11am then I think I would have stayed in be all day :)

Went down and did some laundry, had a coffee, and then went to the internet.

Since Dan needed some time to recover I was seriously considering going to Belgium to party for the weekend. When I was out last night and was asking the locals where to go there were only two answers…”Paris, 45 minutes TGV” or “Brussels, only one hour away”. They both sounded pretty tempting!

But alas, it wasn’t to be…At about five in the afternoon I decided I better start walking.

I got about 1km out of town before deciding I better sit down and have a rest. I really wasn’t in the mood for walking! But not wanting to go back I soldiered on…for another 2kms anyway ;) It was then that I was reached the outskirts of town and considering I still wasn’t feeling inspired to walk anywhere, I figured I better have a couple of beers to motivate me.

The bar was pretty cool; it was full of the dodgiest looking characters I’d seen in a long time. The owner/bartender only had one arm and a pet parrot so he made for quite a sight himself. Everyone was really friendly though…

The beer didn’t really motivate me but it did make it easier to keep walking. I managed to get about 10kms out of town before my blood alcohol level seemed to be getting close to the very dangerous level of 0.00. Thinking it was Saturday night (even though it was only Friday) I decided I best find a bar to spend the rest of the daylight hours so I could pitch my tent as it was getting dark. Unfortunately, the only people in the town I was in were about 15, so when I asked them where I could find a bar they didn’t know but still informed me that they there was one in the next town, but not in the direction I was walking. I decided to try it anyway but was destined to be disappointed. The town was a ghost town! Not only no bar but also no people…

So that was my Friday night…After trekking back to the road I was taking I pitched my tent in a field.

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