Saturday, 16 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Etreilers to Tergnier 11/06/07

I woke up pretty early this morning planning on having a big day. I was ready to go by 7am but Dan had still not made a move so we arranged to meet up at the first café.

The first town didn’t look like it had anything resembling a place to have breakfast so I trekked another 6kms down the road to the next one. I arrived around 07:45 and had two great cups of coffee before Dan staggered in at 9am.

We have an idea that we will try to drink whatever the locals are drinking in the bar/café we are in. Dan wanted to have a coffee and I didn’t feel like another one so looking at all the other customer’s drinks, it appeared like I’d have to have a red wine….which I did. I figured it was good warm-up for Champagne where we will no doubt be having a lot of “champagne breakfasts” ;)

Unfortunately the café didn’t serve food and there were no supermarkets in town. Once again it was destined to be a hungry day. It seems like in these parts it is only possible to by alcohol but not food. We were forced to live on beer all day! It’s a hard life being a pilgrim!

At about 18:00 we spotted a McDonalds advertisement which said “this way one minute”. We were starving so even though it wasn’t in the direction we wanted to head we went for it anyway. It took us 15 mins but it was well worth it.

Since we didn’t have any food on us and the McDonalds was next to a supermarket, which was closed, we decided to camp close by. We found a great little spot just down the road.

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