Saturday, 16 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Tergnier to Septvaux 12/06/07

Today was what being a pilgrim is all about! It was great!

We arose around 9am and decided to go have a McBreakfast. We unpacked our bags at the back of the restaurant and then continued to plug in all our electronics to every power point we could find. We didn’t leave till after mid-day. I don’t know what they thought of us but at least they didn’t kick us out.

We also had the chance to stock up on rations and considering we have been going through stages of being hungry we both went a bit overboard. I ended up with about 5kg of food! Lunch was an amazing feast of different cheeses and ham. Mmmm…

The walking was at a leisurely pace and it wasn’t long before we were starting to climb some foothills into a forest. Finally we are leaving the bloody wheat fields behind!!!

We came to a beautiful little country town where every house was immaculate and met this young guy called Baptiste. He was really cool and decided he wanted to practice his English, so he walked with us for a kilometre. He then disappeared and turned up 15mins later driving a car. He offered us a lift to the next town and really couldn’t get his head round the idea that we wanted to walk. He did have beer in though so we found a place to sit and chat. He then went to get some cigarettes so we said we would meet him in the next town.

The place was Septvaux and it is beautiful as well. It had a 12th century abbey on a hill above the town and a great little restaurant. We sat around and had a few more beers before saying our goodbyes.

We then decided to camp in the forest a couple of kms down the road. The area was wonderful but there were more bugs, mosquitoes and creepy crawlies then I had seen in a long time. I got my first tick here as well…

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