Monday, 25 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Chalons-En-Champagne to Vitry-Le-Francois 22/06/07

It was always going to be a late start after last nights effort…

Over dinner yesterday, we decide that we would try to walk 150kms in the next four days…Well 3½ days, today was always going to be a bit of a write off. We noticed that we could follow a canal all the way and figured that it must stay pretty flat.

The only reason I managed to drag myself out of bed before lunch was to go get my computer. They told me it was fixed but after 15 minutes of use it crashed again! This gave us a good excuse to wait till 2pm when the shop opened again. It ended up costing €30 for them to tell me that it was just the battery. Funnily enough, this is what I had tried to tell them yesterday but they didn’t understand English. But at least now I know for sure :)

So as it was getting later and later and rainier and rainier our enthusiasm to start walking was diminishing. Finally around 17:00 we thought it was “now or never”.

Apart from the wet it ended up being quite an OK walk. With thoughts of a Friday night out on the town when we got to Vitry we managed to walk 30kms.

Unfortunately, neither of us were checking the time so when we stumbled into town at 01:30 all the bars had shut! It was very disappointing.

So feeling very wet and miserable we crashed out in the main square with the idea of continuing walking after a short rest. After five minutes we realized this was just not going to happen, so spotting a stage that had been left over from the previous nights celebrations, we took shelter.

Because we were wet and it was still raining we just slept in our clothes without sleeping bags. Needless to say we didn’t get much sleep.

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