Saturday, 16 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Boiry-Becquerelle to Peronne 09/06/07

What a boring day. Walking all by myself with nothing but wheat fields, wheat fields, and more bloody wheat fields!

I slept in a little bit and didn’t start walking till around 9am. I took it quite easy and managed to make around 20 km by early afternoon. I then ran out of water so I was forced to find a bar and have a few drinks…

One of the main differences I have noticed between this pilgrimage and the Camino De Santiago is that in Spain people are use to extremely smelly pilgrims making themselves at home in their villages. Here in France they are not. I have defiantly been receiving some strange looks :)

There were only two points of interest the whole day. One was a large ruin on a hill about 7kms out of town which I was meaning to ask about but forgot. And the other was a memorial to the Australian soldiers who took back St Quentin from the Germans in WW1.

My body was feeling great until the point of entering the town. It then it fell apart….

It really didn’t want to take me any further and the problem was multiplied by the fact that I couldn’t actually find the centre of town. It was horrible! I arrived at 18:30 but then didn’t manage to put up my tent until 20:00.

Peronne looked like a pretty cool town and being a Saturday night I would have liked to have gone out to a few bars. But after my shoes came off there was no way they were going back on before tomorrow. And even though it was early, I was already getting funny looks staggering around in my flip-flops.

And then around midnight I was awakened by a familiar voice…Guess who had walked all the way from Arras? Dan! He is crazy! He had decided that if he didn’t start walking again he probably never would…

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