Sunday, 17 June 2007

Reims 16/06/07

Finally a day off!!!

I didn’t wake up till after lunch today and was defiantly feeling worse for wear!

Dan was sensible and had left me to it the night before. I thought I would try to go track him down. I couldn’t…

At one of the bars I went to yesterday I happened to meet a girl who worked as a tour guide at one of the big champagne houses. She told me if I could be there by 15:30 she could give me a free tour so I thought I better go check it out.

It was well worth it. It was pretty cool walking around all the caves and learning how they make the stuff step by step. But of course the best part of the tour came with the tasting! My stomach wasn’t too impressed but after the first glass it recovered ;) thanks Fanny…

I then went and tracked Dan down at the youth hostel and finally got the chance to use the internet. It has been a while!

This is also the first rest day I’ve had so far. It’s been great. I think I will do it again tomorrow :)

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Steph said...

Hey Ben, a hoot to walk with you. :)

Beneath the larrikinism of human interaction I sense the rhythm of the spirit, captured so beautifully by Stephen Levine:

There is no song more agreeable to the heart than the slow even breath of a pilgrim learning to bless and be blessed by the mystery.

As the next Champagne brekkie rolls in Salut! the mystery for me.

Lots of love.