Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Wisque to Auchy-Au-Bois 05/06/07

I am starting to get my head around being a pilgrim again. My body is also starting to get use to the idea. I managed to walk the first 15kms today before lunch. I was very pleased with myself but then promptly fell asleep in a field. luckily after a couple of hours the farmer came and gave me a kick because if he hadn't I think I would have been there the night.

I walked another 10kms before dinner time and stopped into this place called “Auchy-Au-Bois”….now is it just me or does that sound very funny to others as well :)

The bar didn’t serve food but the one across the road would in another one and a half hours so this gave me a good excuse to get pissed, which I promptly did…

It was a really friendly bar and I wished my French was up to scratch. Every man who walked in had to shake everyone’s hand in the pub and every woman who came in had to give everyone a kiss on the cheek. I got caught out though because I started reading my book and a kid of about 7 came up and nervously stared at me from about half a foot away. After prompting from his father I realized he was waiting for a kiss on the cheek as well. The kids couldn’t even get away with not doing the rounds.

On realizing I was a pilgrim bound for Rome the bar owner promptly presented me with a big bottle of water and a big bottle of coke. I was very impressed with his generosity but I did cringe at the extra weight :)

So after 90 minutes I staggered across the road for dinner. When I asked for a menu I got the reply “stake frittes” (stake and chips). This was all they served but it didn’t bother me as it is probably what I would have had anyway.

I went to leave town about 8pm and I could see a bunch of trees off in the distance which I figured would be ideal for camping. They weren’t. So I was faced with the possibility of either camping in the wheat fields or continuing to walk. I didn’t like either option and probably because of the beers I decided to practice my French and ask if anyone minded if I camped in their yard. Amazingly enough, the first person I asked understood me and even more amazingly said “yes”. Once again I wished my French was better because they were quite keen to have a chat. Thanks anyway guys, It was greatly appreciated :)

But still no sign of Dan...

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Steph said...

hi ben, gosh, your blog is bringing it all back. i'm not sure whether i love or loathe pilgrimaging. what i do know is that every cell in my body is living it with you, longing for the freedom and the agony that is its price. :) the blog brings such a smile to my being, the remembering, the laughing, the exhilaration of being outside, on the earth, every single day. it's great to track your path. lots of love and hi to dan!