Saturday, 16 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Peronne to Etreilers 10/06/07

After such a big walk yesterday Dan obviously wasn’t feeling like getting up too early! By 10:30 he was still nowhere to be seen. I was starting to think that he had gone out drinking after setting up his tent and hadn’t come back…

It gave me a good chance to dry out all my stuff though. Everyday till around 15:00 there has been a fog and there remains a lot of moisture in the air all day. It’s not so good for camping but it is great walking weather.

I also got a call from Renee this morning. It is really nice to here a familiar voice and I also got to speak to all my family which was wonderful. Thanks lil p :)

After Dan awoke we stuffed around for a bit, had a coffee and then didn’t start walking till after 12:00. We still managed to make 15km before stopping for dinner at this little pizza shop.

The funny thing was it didn’t open until an hour after we arrived so we decided to wait on the footpath until it did. The locals didn’t appear too impressed and all the houses in the near vicinity went and let their dogs out into their front yards. So for an hour we had to listen to this constant barrage of barking. It was very amusing and also well worth it because the pizza was amazing!

Then after a couple of beers we managed to stumble another 5kms down the road before finding this empty bit of land which looked perfect for camping. Luckily our next door neighbour didn’t mind so we were set for the night.

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