Friday, 22 June 2007

Chalons-En-Champagne 21/06/07

I have found that when I drink too much alcohol I get irritated and depressed. I am definately drinking too much so it was no surprise that this morning I was irritated and depressed :)

My computer is broken, i have lost my hat and it is raining.

It didn't stop me from once again having a champagne breakfast though ;) This gave everything the appearance of being good once again.

Dan stopped at a cafe in the middle of town before leaving so I could run back to where a thought I had left my hat. When I returned I was still hatless but Dan had made friends with a band that was setting up for a show tonight.

We found out that they were part of a huge music festival to be held here. Of course we couldn't miss this! It was straight back to the hostel.

It was well worth staying! The whole city was full of people but the strangest thing was that nobody danced. Even at the "house and techno" tent in the park at 2am the crowd was still. It was very bizzare but a great night anyway.


Steph said...

hi ben, your posting says 7am....unlike you to be up so bright and early....?


Ben :) said...


that definately wasnt me at that time :)