Saturday, 16 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Laval-En-Laonnoise to Pontavert 14/06/07

I only managed to get a couple of hours sleep last night but at least no-one came and found me on the church steps.

After a quick breakfast of fruit and nuts I was actually feeling quite good. The morning walk was really pleasant but none of the towns had a café. I stopped for more fruit and nuts at around 10am and was surprised to see Dan walk into town. He had kept walking for a few hours the night before as well but took a completely different route. We were lucky to meet back up.

He told me that there was a restaurant a few kms down the road so I decided to leg it down there. They had coffee but weren’t serving food. I was going hungry for a while longer.

We passed along a lake which probably would have been quite beautiful once upon a time but now was being turned into a huge resort. There was construction everywhere.

I haven’t showered for the last three days so it was tempting to go for a swim. It was lucky we didn’t though because the lake was right next to a golf course and judging by the sludge on the surface it wasn’t so clean.

We had spotted this place on our map called “Cavern Du Dragon” which we figured we would have to go and check out. Running the last few hundred meters as it started to rain was a mission and when we finally got there we were exhausted. Running with 20kgs on your back is just plain stupid! ;)

I was hoping for beer and food but all they had once again was coffee. This place was a WW1 memorial but we were too tired to look around and just collapsed in the canteen.

It wasn’t till after 16:00 that we finally left and I was REALLY needing some food. The first town had nothing so we thought we would head for the closest “biggish” town nearby which was 6km away. We got there at around 19:00 only to find that the restaurant closed at 15:00!!! We weren’t happy and feeling very demoralized we sprawled on the footpath for an hour. My legs couldn’t make it any further without food so we found a patch of grass and camped here for the night.

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shinz said...

Hey Ben, It's Tony.

Just read all your blog entries. Interesting trip - long way from the guy I knew in toyama who used a car to go 500m to the convenience store.

Beer, computers and Mcdonalds, sure not what I imagine when I think of pilgrimage, sounds like a euphemism for rolling party.

Anyway, good onya for embarking on another wild adventure. I look forward to reading more.

Bon voyage mon ami!