Monday, 25 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Laneuville-A-Bayard to Mussey-Sur-Marne 24/06/07

We slept in once again this morning but it was well needed. Dan was still getting ready coming up to 11am so I decided to start walking alone.

It was also good to have some time to think as it was still bothering me why people need to find some greater meaning in everything they do. Or why I don’t???

Is there something missing in my life that things like this seem to fill…or am I happy doing these things because there isn’t anything missing in my life at all, so it doesn’t really matter how I spend my days…

I still don’t know…

I managed to make it to the first major town by 2pm but everything was shut as it was Sunday. Everything that is except a kebab store of course ;) Then I waited around for Dan but he was nowhere to be seen.

I left town by 18:00 and on the way out I was once again contemplating what people get out of pilgrimages and why they do them. Then as I stopped to read a poster on this wall a man came running out of his house and dragged my in for a drink.

It was the weekly meeting of the local evangelists. Nobody spoke any English and no sooner had I coffee and biscuits in hand, being good evangelists, they all tried at once in perfect French to ensure I was on the path to Jesus. I told them that I was on the path to Rome…this seemed to keep them happy :)

It was great to once again be invited in out of the cold by some caring people. To me this is exactly what doing a pilgrimage is about. Leaving yourself open to the kindness of the universe…

Unfortunately, getting my mind back on track didn’t translate into the physical universe because I was soon trudging through paddocks unable to relocate the canal. I followed the train tracks for a while before getting on to the highway.

There was lightning and thunder all over the horizon but luckily very little rain. I walked until midnight then as it started to drizzle a bit harder I took shelter under a highway bridge. After a few minutes I decided this is where I should sleep. I didn’t really feel any desire to put my tent up in the rain…


Bewildered Beast said...

hey Ben,

dunno if you read your comments, but in case you're like a singer on stage, exposing his feelings, and staring into the blackness of the audience wondering if there's anyone out there, I'm here, still reading about your adventure with great interest.

Good luck with your contemplations of the worth of your existence and actions. Been down that road (metaphorically) many times. At least you're not part of the problem (although your liver might disagree) and you're questioning what it is we should be doing.

And don't underestimate the value of a positive influence on those in your direct contact. You're spreading the love mate.


Ben :) said...

Thanks mate

lol...yes, i have been trying to read the comments. its always good to know that people r reading what i write.

i have actually recieved a couple of emails in regards to this post as well. it seems to have struck a chord somewhere :)