Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Licques to Wisque 04/06/07

Today was boring!!! Dan went to the Postoffice to send some of his stuff off so I decided to start walking alone. Not a good day for it!

It was flat wheat fields the whole way with only tiny towns in between. They didn't have any shops or restaurants so my ham and bread was soon finished. I was destined to walk the rest of the day hungry.

Dan never caught up...

All ended well though. We had been told that there was an abbey near Wisque that would put up pilgrims for free. I was not to be disappointed. The nuns at the abbey of Notre Dame not only put me up in a beautiful room but also gave me dinner and breakfast. I also got to watch evening prayers which was really special. The prayers were sung and the accoustics in the hall made it sound awsome!

It was great and to top it off there was even a wonderful young French girl who had been sent there by her parents to study for her uni exams. It was nice to get some female company so we sat up and talked for a while after dinner. Neither of us wanted to risk the wrath of God so we were well behaved and slept in our own rooms...well, she didn't want to risk the wrath of God, I figured I'd have enought time to walk off my sins ;)

Dan never appeared...

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renee said...

Thank god for God!