Friday, 29 June 2007

Pilgrimage from Chaumont to Rolampont 26/06/07

I was wrong!!!

Not only did it bucket down last night but it was windy as well. I didn’t pack all my stuff up last night as I was a bit lazy so most things are soaked! Luckily I was not silly enough to leave any electronics out so there was no real damage done. I still wasn’t very happy though.

We left the camp ground pretty late as I had tried to make an attempt to dry my stuff out. It didn’t work…

As we left we met a cool Kiwi couple who were touring around Europe in a van, we decided to do lunch. Of course there was no better place we could think of than McDonalds.

The girl was a nurse and hearing of Dan’s rotting foot, much to Dan’s dismay ;) , told him he should not walk on it for a few days to dry it out. So he will train it about 120kms down the road to Besancon.

I figured that before I started walking I needed to dry some stuff out so I headed to the laundry mat. I made a bit of a scene as I spread shit out everywhere but the best thing was when I put my shoes in the dryer. Everyone thought I was mad but luckily I had checked with the owner before and she didn’t mind :)

I was also sick of walking hungry so I stocked up on food from the super market. The extra weight wasn’t nice but it beat being hungry.

The walk was great. I was back along the canal and the rain had mostly stopped. I made about 30kms before once again finding a motorway bridge. Thinking that a bit of noise was worth it in exchange for staying dry I camped there.

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