Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Pilgrimage from Rolampont to Grenant 27/06/07

Today was what being a pilgrim is all about. It was great!!!

I woke up at 6am to the sound of rain so I rolled over and went back to sleep. When I awoke again at 9am the rain had stopped so I set off by 09:30. It was only 10kms to Langes so I was still confident I could make it there before the shops shut at noon. I needed to get a map.

I had a pleasant stroll down the canal and made it to the city limits by 11:10. Once again the city was built on a hill so from here it was straight up. My stroll suddenly wasn’t so pleasant :) Upon reaching the top I was faced with an impenetrable wall between me and the city centre. The only entrance I could see was being repaired and was blocked off. Not knowing whether to go right or left I took a guess and unfortunately ended up going back downhill. It did however lead me to another entrance so it was another hard slog back up to the city. I made it just in time, managing to find a shop selling maps right on noon. I then had a quick look around. Langes is a cool little town.

From here it was another pleasant walk through the forest. It kept threatening to rain but luckily it was holding off. I got another 25kms before coming around a corner I spotted Grenant bathed in a pool of sunshine.

The town was picturesque and was emanating good vibes. I had a feeling someone was going to offer me a place to stay so I thought I would head to the church and see if I could find the priest.

I didn’t even get that far. About 50m into town a group of guys spotted me and came out to see what I was up to. They couldn’t speak any English but were extremely friendly and before long I had half the village around listening to my story. Luckily one of the women there was a retired English teacher so she acted as my translator.

Then showing great hospitality I was invited in for cherry pie and wine. It wasn’t long before I had offers of a shower and a bed as well. What a great town! Thank you all :)

Noel was the man whose house I stayed at. His family was away for the night so I got a room to myself and an extremely comfy bed. Pilgrim heaven!

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